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World Dance Day

28 April 2020

And as today is World Dance Day, we don't want you to stop celebrating it. Even from a distance, there are countless ways to contact this art directly. There are several dance companies that will mark this date. Here are some suggestions so that, even in your home, you can take your feet off the ground.

- DANÇA PORTUGAL FESTIVAL from April 28 to 30, including free classes, talks, DJ sessions and choreographic shows, on each protagonist's instagram. More information at https://www.dancaportugal.pt/programacao

- #FicarEmCasaNaNossaCompanhia is a program presented by CNB (National Ballet Company) that will present since shows, contact with dancers and their daily lives from home, proposals from other identical institutions, or even challenges for children and adults.

- "No Escuro do Cinema Descalço os Calçados", a documentary by Cláudia Varejão, available on the CNB website, which goes backstage at the company.

- "Other Dances" collection, is a compilation that brings together different testimonies about works presented by CNB, creators and interpreters, also available on the website.

- Interviews with the dancers of the CNB, to show a little more about this profession, as well as to understand the contingencies that the current context requires in the lives of these professionals.

- Dança Online, with ballerina Leonor Keil challenged to schedule a day of online dance with the participation of other artists in actions that take place from morning to night. Largo Residências cultural cooperative initiative.

- Documentary “Água” shown in ´streaming´, at 15:00, on Artemrede's YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. This documentary that crosses the waters of the Tagus and its communities follows the transmission of the show “Vale” that gave rise to it.

- "Trio - Three choreographers Galili - Giggi- Cardoso" show, presented online on the Vimeo platform from 9:30 pm until May 3, by the Quorum Ballet company.

- “Cesena”, choreographic piece by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, which won the Belgian choreographer the Montreal Grand Prix of Dance, and will be broadcast by Culturgest in ´streaming´ on Wednesday, April 29, at 9:00 pm and will be available only until the day next, on Facebook and Youtube. In this piece, nineteen dancers and singers explore the limits of their skills to the point of merging, making it impossible to distinguish who does what.

- Videos and online activities shared by Companhia de Dança de Almada, aimed either at the general public, or at the community of dancers and students with whom the company is involved.

- Contemporary dance class, open to all, made available by the Czech company 420People, directed by Vaclav Kunes and partner of the European project Clash.

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