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Project Name | Mountain Whisper – Qualification and Increase of Tourist Offer in the Schist Village Gondramaz – Miranda do Corvo.

Project code | CENTER-05-5141-FEDER-000208.

Main Objective | Promote social integration and combat poverty and any discrimination.

Intervention Region | Center.

Beneficiary Entity | MOUNTAIN WHISPER.

Approval Date | 27-03-2018.

Start Date | 05-06-2018.

Completion Date | 05-03-2020.

Total Eligible Cost | €87,603.18.

Financial support from the European Union | €52,561.91.

Description and objectives

The investment project aims, in tangible terms, to increase the current offer structure of the enterprise (increased capacity in new units), and at the same time, to promote the strengthening of the positioning in the Nature Tourism segment.

This operation aims to achieve the following objectives:

Rehabilitation and refunctionalization of a building into two additional units, to increase the installed capacity of MOUNTAIN WHISPER.
Reinforcement of positioning in the Nature Tourism and Sports Tourism segment.
Diversification in destination markets, with the prospect of penetrating the Senior Tourism and Family Tourism segment, to mitigate the impact of seasonality.
Development of a communication and advertising strategy consistent with the markets to be reached, as well as updating the presence of the “Mountain Whisper” brand.
Contribution to the development and consolidation of the local and regional Tourism sector.
Contribution to the settlement of people in rural areas and their revitalization, through direct hiring of jobs, as well as the indirect impact on the generation of GDP and employment.
Contribution to the process of recognition and identification of the Aldeias do Xisto network, as a mark of quality and differentiation, with high standards.

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