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MOUNTAIN WHISPER is an accommodation unit aware of the importance of adopting sustainable principles in the tourism sector, taking into account the present and future impacts, of an economic, environmental and social nature, in order to safeguard the interests of all involved.
People are the differentiating factor in any company, community and society. We appeal to all of us together to be an example of responsible and sustainable behavior.

“Water is a precious commodity, save it today so you don’t run out tomorrow”
By turning off the tap, whenever it is not necessary, you will be saving one of the most precious assets on the Planet.

"Save today to earn tomorrow!"
A rational use of electricity has a strong impact, not only on the environment, but also on the performance and success of our company.

"Consume responsibly and recycle, the change is in each one of us"
The responsible use of resources and their reuse is the ideal plan for the preservation of the environment.

"The waste of energy only favors the degradation of our Planet"
Be aware and remember the impact of wasted resource. Always remember to turn off all appliances when not needed.

"Tranquility is one of the best tools of your work"
Always opt for a posture that favors tranquility for you and the client, reducing unnecessary noise. Mute all devices that might disturb the customer or colleagues and
enjoy a peaceful environment

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