A magical place located in the heart of Serra da Lousã, two hours from Lisbon and one hour from Oporto. Scroll

Schist Villages

The Schist Villages Network comprises 27 villages in 16 counties located in the center of Portugal, in the territory between Castelo Branco and Coimbra, in the interior of the country.

Territory essentially made up of schist mountains. The mountains offer stones that are part of the territory's identity. History was made with stones, and with them a project for the future. Villages that were in ruins, disappearing, gave rise to an award-winning and unique tourist destination.

Here, people give us affections, the raw material of good reception. With sympathy. With comfort. With good taste. With flavors. With challenges. To discover the Schist Villages is to give and receive a word of greeting from its inhabitants. If you give a few more conversations, you will receive a life story in return. It is a destination with a soul.

In the Serra da Lousã, where nature once hid some of its relics, which now resurface in several corners, you can find several villages, varying the shade of shale between them, but maintaining tradition ...

> Gondramaz | Miranda do Corvo

> Chiqueiro | Lousã

> Casal Novo | Lousã

> Talasnal | Lousã

> Candal | Lousã

> Cerdeira | Lousã

> Ferraria S. João | Penela

> Casal S. Simão | Figueiró-dos-Vinhos

> Aigra Nova | Góis

> Aigra Velha | Góis

> Comareira | Góis

> Pena | Góis

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