A magical place located in the heart of Serra da Lousã, two hours from Lisbon and one hour from Oporto. Scroll


Góis is a Portuguese village in the district of Coimbra, with less than 2 000 inhabitants, and bathed by the river Ceira. It is the seat of a municipality with 263.30 km² of area subdivided into 4 parishes. The municipality is limited to the north by the municipality of Arganil, to the east by Pampilhosa da Serra, to the southwest by Pedrógão Grande and by Castanheira de Pera, to the west by Lousã and to the northwest by Vila Nova de Poiares.

For a different tour, traveling along the panoramic road from Serra da Lousã through Alto do Trevim you can access the village through the most magical point and get to know the Schist villages in the Region. These four shale villages belong to the municipality of Góis and are inserted in a landscape as serene and contagious as the friendliness of its people. As an ambient sound, only the rattles of the herds grazing in the surrounding fields. The streets, which used to be traveled by caravans of traders who came to spend the night here, are now quiet, and as background noise, only the birds chirping.

Main Points of Interest:

> Mother Church (Tomb of D. Luís da Silveira)

> Castle Chapel

> Schist Villages | Aigra Velha , Aigra Nova , Pena and Comareira

> Cerejal Park

> Ponte Real and Peneda River Beach (Pêgo Escuro)

> Canaveias River Beach

> Cerro da Candosa

> Cabreira River Beach

> Ponte Velha River Beach | Cabreira Bridge

> Penedos de Góis

> Cabril do Ceira

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