A magical place located in the heart of Serra da Lousã, two hours from Lisbon and one hour from Oporto. Scroll

About Us

Who we are

We discovered this magnificent village through the beautiful bicycle trails, which led us to live here, combined with sport, the passion for the surrounding landscape and its architectural treasure, the objective of sharing it with the world became clear. The way to do it was to create the rural tourism project.

We knew all the villagers and created bonds with these people, unfortunately some left and others came to populate this beautiful shale-painted village. As a tribute, after we acquired the house of the sculptor Carlos Rodrigues, we divided it into 2 little houses and named the respective owners, thus the Maria house and the Carlos house were born, being our most recent houses.

The names of our houses were intended to be the 4 elements of nature, so the first houses are called Landscape (air), Wood (fire), Earth (earth), Mother (mother nature). We also have the little house of Nogueira, which has this name because it had this type of tree in it's place. The company was founded in 2012, and currently has 7 fully equipped houses of different types.

We are working daily to offer unique and increasingly sustainable experiences to our guests, having the least impact on the environment. We want to preserve this magnificent village and be able to continue sharing it with all of you from the comfort and refinement of our little houses.

The Village

The village of Gondramaz is located about 9 km from the village of Miranda do Corvo. Upon reaching the village beyond the breathtaking landscape, we come across the poem by Miguel Torga. He  was a doctor in Vila Nova, in 1935, and in his diary he portrays how hard the isolation and life was at these time for those who lived here in the village of Gondramaz, as well as the embarrassment and difficulty of moving to the village when he came to visit his patients.

Gondramaz had always been a village of artisans with skilled hands that created magnificent and charismatic sculptures that last until today, and known by many, namely the artisan Carlos Rodrigues and later Manuel Rosa. If you pay attention, there are several sculptures scattered around the village, as well as on the exterior walls of the houses where they were also engraved. 

The village also has a small chapel, located on the chapel square that converges with the main street of the village. There you will also find a fountain of drinking water, a communal washroom for all villagers, as well as the public toilets.  

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